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Rental Instrument Categories

Leithold Music- Band Rental Specialists

All instruments are completely cleaned and sanitized prior to going out on rent!


Our rental instruments fall into one of these categories:

Newer: These instruments are brand new, or like new ("like new" means mint condition, current model).

Standard Rental Return: These are instruments that have been previously rented, slightly used but excellent playing condition. We usually have a good supply of these, but availability is limited based on current stock levels. Guaranteed to play as well as brand new- may have a few scratches, but look very, very good and all are completely cleaned and sanitized.

Economy: These "good-but-a-bit-older" instruments have limited availability- first come first served. Previously rented and may show more cosmetic wear. Guaranteed to play properly- may have nicks and scratches, and the case will likely have scratches. All are completely cleaned and sanitized.

All of our rental instruments are excellent quality from top name brand manufacturers. We guarantee them to play exactly as they are supposed to. While you are renting, EVERYTHING is covered- All repairs and maintenance! We understand things happen... even if the instrument is accidentally dropped, we cover it. We even cover fire loss and theft with a provided police report!

You pay only the monthly rental, and any supplies needed (additional reeds, oils, etc.) This is a month to month rental- you may stop anytime simply by returning the instrument to us. All payments made in the first twenty-four months may apply to purchase! We offer auto-pay from checking with a voided check for the rental fee and applicable tax, or automatic monthly to your credit or debit card.

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Leithold Music's mission:

To enthusiastically help our customers enrich their lives through experiencing the joys and benefits of making music by supporting the arts in our community and schools by offering helpful, knowledgeable and sincere service in a casual, family-friendly atmosphere.