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Leithold Music Rental Dept
*All rent paid applies toward the purchase in the first 24 months!
*All service and repair is included!
*First 4 months are 1/2 price to qualified renters!

Leithold Music Rental Dept
Leithold Music Rental Dept

Leithold Music Online Rental Form   What SIZE violin, viola or cello does my child need?

New to band and orchestra? We can help! We can answer all your questions. We have a simple month-to-month rental, you can stop anytime, or rent indefinitely! While you are renting you may apply all rent paid up to 24 months toward purchase! Includes insurance- everything  is covered!

Rental Services~  We are Specialists! 

 *First 4 months are 1/2 price to qualified renters!

*Must be elementary or middle school student enrolled in band or orchestra program at one of our area schools. Click to see eligible schools.   

Upon our receipt of the signed Rental Agreement you can pick up the instrument at our store, or we will deliver it directly to your school band director.

FAST - Simple - Painless!

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Leithold Music's mission:

To enthusiastically help our customers enrich their lives through experiencing the joys and benefits of making music by supporting the arts in our community and schools by offering helpful, knowledgeable and sincere service in a casual, family-friendly atmosphere.