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Dream Cymbals BPT19 Bliss 19" Paper Thin Crash Cymbal

This Dream Bliss Paper Thin crash cymbal opens up instantly with a full sound at any volume. Super thin and light, it is micro lathed by hand with a low, gentle bridge and a small bell. Like every cymbal in the Bliss line, this lightweight crash is an individual work of art, hand-forged and hand-hammered, one at a time. Made from cast bronze alloy, Bliss series cymbals have a warmth that seduces at low volume and thunders with a froth of dark undertones when the cymbal opens up. They're made to wobble and shimmer with a high level of sensitivity. Each Bliss cymbal has a complex voice, as individual as the drummer who plays it.

  • Hand-crafted thin crash cymbal with dark, warm tone
  • Made from high-end cast bronze
  • Uber-light profile for maximum sensitivity and shimmer
  • Forged, lathed and hammered by hand to give each cymbal an individual character
  • Natural finish highlights visual quality of the alloy

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