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PDP Concept Maple™ Snare Drum 5.5x14 - Satin Pewter FinishPly™

PDP proudly brings you Concept Series Drums. Designed by Drum Workshop in California, Concept Series Drums have a fresh, new look, and a sound that has drummers talking. Concept Series Drums are loaded with high-end features. Our 10-ply Concept snares come standard with the trusted DW MAG throw-off, along with fully-chromed snare wires, featuring carbon steel coils and chrome end plates. Concept Snares are constructed with DW’s True Pitch tension rods, durable and eye-catching finishes, retro-inspired dual-turret lugs, European Maple shells and world-renowned Remo drum heads.

With professional-level features that unquestionably honor its DW roots, the PDP Concept Series delivers high-quality, original style that you can see and hear.

Features of Concept Maple™

  • Satin Pewter FinishPly™
  • Chrome DW Mag Throw-Off
  • Chrome Butt Plate
  • 20-Strand Snare Wire Chrome
  • Dual Turret Lugs
  • True-Pitch Tension Rods

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