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Yamaha CLP-735 Clavinova Digital Piano - Dark Walnut

Manufacturer #:CLP-735DW

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Experience newly sampled Voices of the world-renowned CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial grand pianos, featuring binaural sound, and two new centuries-old Fortepiano Voices that allow you to hear classical music the way their original composers did.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP #4

New CFX and Bösendorfer Piano Samples / Binaural Samples

The powerfully brilliant Yamaha CFX, and the warm and resonant Bösendorfer Imperial. The CLP-735 faithfully reproduces the dynamic range and diverse tone variation of these two great pianos. Binaural samples enable pianists to fully enjoy an immersive concert grand experience at home when using headphones. 



Two Fortepiano Voices, Rhythms, USB Audio Recorder

Equipped with the sounds of two centuries old pianos beloved by Mozart and Chopin. The rhythm function adds more fun and a back beat to any performance. Use a USB flash memory to play your best recorded performances on PCs and other devices.


The interaction and interplay of the hammers, dampers, and strings inside a grand piano respond to the subtlest nuances of the pianist’s touch, creating a limitless range of tonal expression. Touch refers to the pianist’s control, not only of intensity (softness/loudness) in playing and releasing the keys, but also of the speed and depth with which the keys are pressed. The Grand Expression Modeling introduced in the CLP-700 Series translates the widely varied input from the pianist’s fingers into the same limitless tonal variation of a grand piano.

This makes it possible to vary the output by playing the keys to different depths and with different speeds, even when using techniques such as trills or legato or emphasizing the melody over the accompaniment. Grand Expression Modeling excels at faithfully reproducing the output expected of these techniques in many well-known songs. In Debussy’s “Clair de Lune,” a loose touch creates the faint tone that makes the melody stand out more crisply. In Liszt’s “Un Sospiro,” the accompanying arpeggios accent the melody without overwhelming it, and varied expression of the melody gives it the same quality as vocals. In the last of the Chopin nocturnes, trills, legato, and other delicate techniques where fingers seem to float over the keys deliver the airy, smooth tonal expression required. Playing such pieces on a highly expressive piano helps the pianist learn various techniques and experience the same joy of expression as a painter, but through sound.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP #3








  • Piano Sound: New Yamaha CFX & Bösendorfer Imperial, New CFX Binaural Sampling & Bösendorfer Binaural Sampling
  • Number of Voices: 38*
  • Fortepiano voices*: 2 (Mozart Piano / Chopin Piano) 
  • Amplifiers: 30W x 2
  • Speakers: 16 cm x 2
  • Keyboard Type: GrandTouch-S™ keyboard
  • USB Audio Recorder: WAV
  • Rhythms: 20
  • Control panel: Buttons

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