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Hot Sax Mouthpiece Baffles

Hot Rod your mouthpiece with this simple adhesive modification.

  • Add POWER to your TONE! 
  • Increase your sound!
  • Center your sound!
  • Inexpensive… a great alternative to buying an expensive hot-rodded piece.

It is so simple, and it REALLY WORKS!

Hot Sax Baffles are specially shaped plastic pieces that you stick on the inside of your mouthpiece,  about a quarter inch from the tip rail.

It works by increasing the velocity of the airflow through the mouthpiece. 

The result is quicker response and BIGGER SOUND!

Hot Sax Baffles are one-size-fits all, and are compatible with any Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, Bari or Soprano) or Clarinet mouthpiece.

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